US Senator Demands Increasing of US Troops in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: March 17, 2017)

Joe-LiebermanAfter repeated demands of the US senators on increasing of US troops in Afghanistan, recently the US senator Joe Lieberman demanded the increasing of the number of US troops in Afghanistan to reinforce US and Afghan forces.

He said, “We are tight to Afghanistan now, and we should be such as because we got involved in Afghanistan after 9/11 the Afghan people are honorable people, proud people and they want better life, which is what we want also, so we have an obligation to hang in there as we say in American slang, what does that mean right now in the battle it’s still mate that’s not good enough, I m one of those who believes ought raise the number of American troops there to support Afghan military.”

Further he has also demanded the Pakistan government to fight terrorism, saying Islamabad can’t be the US allies and on the side to support terrorism.

“We have to ask our friends in Pakistan cut it out I mean your allies is part of the time but you can’t be on the side of the terrorists and Afghanistan and expect the way we not see what’s happening. “US Senator Joe Lieberman said.

Mr. Joe Lieberman also said, “President Trump and we should get tough and make it clear that we wanna be friends, we need their help bring peace to Afghanistan, and then we will help them in Pakistan. I think we need some more as I understand we are not gonna have as we used to have  but we wanna send the message to the enemies Taliban to Terrorists US is not pulling out in fact US is coming back in little bit , cause we are not the people of Afghanistan down.”

His remarks come after that US President Donald J. Trump recently suggested $ 1,1 Billion for Afghanistan to fight ISIS.

Reported by: Nazira Azim Karimi Washington DC

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