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US senate committee assures long-term cooperation with Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2015)


The United States Senate Committee assured long-term cooperation with Afghan government in all sectors, especially strengthening Afghan security forces and economic assistance to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan presidential palace in a statement said that President Ashraf Ghani had a meeting with US senate committee in Afghan Citadel Thursday night.

Both parties in the meeting talked about ties, cooperation between Afghanistan and America, strengthening Afghan security forces and fight against terrorism.

Recognizing the Enduring Strategic Partnership Agreement between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the United States of America, signed May 2, 2012, (the “Strategic Partnership Agreement”) and reaffirming that, as recognized in that Agreement, the Parties are committed to strengthen long-term strategic cooperation in areas of mutual interest, including: advancing peace, security, and stability; strengthening state institutions; supporting Afghanistan’s long-term economic and social development; and encouraging regional cooperation.


Earlier, During a trip to Afghanistan, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said U.S. planned to keep a larger force in Afghanistan for the first few months of 2015 than it initially planned.

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