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US Secretary of State makes unprecedented visit to Kabul

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2020)

The presidential palace reports that Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, met with Ghani and spoke regarding the next levels in the peace process and the ongoing political turmoil in Afghanistan.

As the political dilemma and complexity in the peace process heated, the American visited Kabul on an unexpected trip and met with the Afghan President Ghani.

Sapidar palace also reports Abdullah Abdullah’s meeting with the US Secretary of State and talks over the peace process and the political situation.

In the meantime, some parliament members believe that the current political turmoil has put Afghanistan in a difficult situation. They say the differences between the two, President Ghani and Abdullah, should be resolved.

MP Ghulam Farooq Majroh said, “The current political chaos between Ghani and Abdullah is bad for the country. The two should consider the coronavirus threat and resolve their problems.”

MP Shahpoor Hussainzoi expressed, “The insecurity on one hand and the coronavirus on the other have added to the people’s concerns. Ghani and Abdullah should ease people’s concerns and come up with a solution for their differences.”

Some other members of parliament believe that if Ghani and Abdullah do not sort out their differences, Afghanistan will experience a big crisis.

MP Zahir Tamim says, “Our country’s situation is sensitive. The coronavirus has also added to the people’s problems. Abdullah and Ghani should get along to help resolve problems.”

Khaliqdad Balaghi, an advisor to the Senate, said, “The current situation in the country is fragile. If the political differences continue, Afghanistan will collapse. These challenges should be resolved because of the country and the nation. National interests should be given priority.”

Moreover, Afghan MPs underline that the international community should not stay neutral against the current political turmoil in Afghanistan – they should press on pressures to put an end to it.

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