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US reduces aid for Afghanistan by $1 million over political turmoil

(Last Updated On: March 24, 2020)

Political turmoil between President Ghani and Abdullah has put the country in crisis for real resulting in a $1 million aid reduction from the United States.

After the US secretary of state failed to convince Ghani and Abdullah to an agreement, the senate’s first deputy says that the country has now really walked into crisis; Arg and Sapidar have to think about the challenges in the country, however, the two leaders have not considered the national interests.

Mohammad Alam Ezidyar, the senate’s first deputy, said, “Afghanistan is literally in a critical situation and no one can hide away this fact. The leaders are unable to resolve political differences. Unfortunately, they do not think logically. The reduction of one million dollars in aid is a matter of concern. Arg and Sapidar should think about Afghan problems.”

Some members of the Afghan parliament believe that the pressure imposed by the US harms the people, not the leaders in conflict.

Nadir Baloch, head of public welfare of the senate, underlined, “Cutting the $1 million to penalize the two leaders is in fact historic mischief to the people and security forces of Afghanistan. The US should revise its policy in this regard and should stay loyal to their commitments to Afghanistan. Such acts affect the morale of the Afghan forces.”

Muhaiuddin Monsif, a senator, said, “The fact that the US secretary of state announced cutting $1 million aid to Afghanistan is bad news for Afghanistan affecting the people, not the leaders. The US should reconsider this.”

The Afghan senate emphasizes that personal favors and not considering national interests by the leaders, have put Afghanistan in a difficult situation; if it continues, the results will be horrible.

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