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US Mediates Between Afghanistan-Pakistan

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2017)

The U.S. congressional delegation visits from Afghanistan and Pakistan once again awaken tensions between the two countries.

Afghan officials as always introduced Pakistan to dishonesty to U.S. Senators. Now Americans come to press Pakistan to try more in eliminating terrorist groups in its soil.

“The National Unity Government leaders in their meeting with U.S. Senators took their commitments for further assistance of Afghan security forces. U.S. Senators also said that they asked Pakistan to try more in terms of peace in Afghanistan,” said Dawa Khan Mina Pal, Afghan President’s deputy spokesperson.

The Durand Line between Afghanistan and Pakistan is another issue which makes the tensions more between the two countries.

But, will US intervention reduce the intensity of this verbal war between the two countries, or not?

Afghan political analysts say the U.S. recent action shows its ultimate support from Afghanistan, but it does not mean that the U.S. easily cuts ties with Islamabad or seeks to isolate Pakistan.

“U.S. support from Afghanistan is beneficial for the country and the government should use this great opportunity,” said Jawid Kohestani, political analyst.

The United States is one of the great supporters of Afghanistan that had no specific policy against Pakistan in terms of war and peace in Afghanistan. But now, how the U.S. mediates between Kabul and Islamabad?

“The U.S. will not stop support from Pakistan, but it is better that these challenges end,” said Ahmad Saeedi, former diplomat of Afghanistan in Pakistan.

This comes as beside the United States, China is also trying to find a better solution to ease Islamabad-Kabul ties.

By: ZackArya

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