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US to aid Afghanistan with $800 million in incoming years

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2015)


A Memorandum of Understanding for the New Development Partnership with the amount of 800 $ million was signed in between US Ambassador and Minister of Finance Iklil Hakimi in Kabul on 3th of August 2015 officials said.

The following aid will be spent on financial stability, Good Governance, being transparent accountable, fighting Poverty, and combating corruption in coming four years.

The New Development Partnership reflects the strategic importance of the U.S.-Afghanistan relationship and recognizes a new era of development cooperation between our governments.  This initiative delivers on the commitment made during Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s March visit to Washington during which President Barack Obama pledged to support the Afghan National Unity Government’s efforts to achieve its own ambitious reform agenda.

Its mentionable that the aid is given with title participation and development program to Afghanistan, which will be spent through the Afghanistan Ministry of Finance.

Afghan Finance Minister Aklil Hakimi said,” US Government continues to its financial aid to Afghanistan, this time we signed the aid document of 800 $ million to Afghanistan improvement, which 100 $ million of it will be received incoming week and will be ready to be used for further purposes.”

U.S. Ambassador P. Michael McKinley remarked that the New Development Partnership represents a fundamental transformation in the nature of development cooperation between our two countries. It empowers Afghan solutions to Afghan challenges, by incentivizing and rewarding Afghan successes.

US Officials have stated that 900$ million has been asked the United States of Agency for International Development USAID for Afghanistan but yet the request to be granted.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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