US Government Offers Reward for Information on HIG, Terrorists

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2015)


The 2 Top members of Gulbuddin Hikmatyar Party have been black listed by the US Government and they were priced for $500,000 if someone discloses the precise information or reports.

US secretary Affairs Press release indicates if anyone provides information for those two to be led to their detention he/she will be awarded $500,000.

Afghan military experts said,” US Government is concerned if Gulbuddin Hikmatyar joins Afghanistan military system.”

The press release also indicates the names of the two members as AbdulSabour and Abdullah Nawbahar.

They were accused by the US Government killing of US civilians and Military troops in Afghanistan.

Press release introduced AbdulSabour as an IED specialist if someone provide precise information about his residential palace he/she will be awarded $300,000.

Abdullah Nawbahar has been accused By US Government for killing of International forces in 2012, his price is $200,000.

Afghan expert Ahmad Saiedi said,” if anyone does anything against US interests in Afghanistan, he/she should be blacklisted and the those two who were blacklisted were accused of killing USA troops in Afghanistan.”

The recent re-action of US Government comes after that there is roamer saying that Gullbuddin Hikmatyar to join Afghanistan political system.

In the US press release Gullbuddin Hikmatyar has been entitled as extremist, distributors.

The other Afghan military expert Jawid Kohistani said,” the US reaction comes after that Gullbuddin Hikmatyar was to join Afghanistan political system.”

Hikmatyar has been entitled as war lord and his party being led by him supports the ideologies against US interests in Afghanistan.

Reported by Nasrat Parsa




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