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US Government Made Mistakes in Afghanistan’s War: Jim

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2015)


US Former Congress man Jim Moran has demanded the Pakistan Prime Minister to use more of his military for combating terrorism in the area.

He said,” if Pakistan forces support Afghan Taliban meaning Pakistani Taliban would be powerful.”

Jim Moran has talked about some of the mistakes which was carried out by his Government during the cold war in Afghanistan, which is creating of Al-Qaida Network, he also insisted that increasing of religious madrasa in Pakistan were the other mistake of US Government.”

He has said,” I think Pakistan prime Minister Nawz Sharif understands to have the control of tribal part like Waziristan and he also needs to keep the military under control,he has to make a lot of compromises give the military more power and control than other civilian Government, the Pakistan military forces do understand if the support Afghan Taliban which they have been doing meaning that powers Pakistani Taliban,and Pakistani Taliban are not helping peace process.”

“I think there are a lot of mistakes made,I don’t think we shouldnt have armed the Mujahidin or Taliban we train and armed on because to oppose to Russia Government, I think we have got involved with Afghan War without sufficient understanding what was going to be the end result, and in large part Al-Qaida is the creation of US Government because we empowered Saudi Arabia give them the money and arms so that they could create lots of religious madrasa in west part of Pakistan Former US Congressman Moran said.”

His statement comes after that recently the Afghan Government- Pakistan has accused each other on interfering to each other affairs Afghan Government believed that Pakistan is using Taliban as War tools to exaggerate against Afghan National Interests.

Reported by : Nazira Azim Karimi

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