US forces to pound senior Taliban leaders anywhere in the World

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2016)


US Defense Minister Ashton Carter during his visit to Afghanistan has stated that the US Government will combat against terrorism, doesn’t leave its partners alone and will pound its enemies anywhere in the world.

Mr. Carter has also given more authority for the US General John Nicholson to plan for eliminating of the terrorists in the war ground.

Meanwhile Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said,” Pakistan is facing a tough decision, the regional and the International partners are in one queue combating terrorism.”

“ US- Pakistan are enjoying long term of partnerships we believe that terrorism is a huge risk for Pakistan National security, We work together with Pakistan, those who raise their heads are mutual threats for both Pakistan- Afghanistan, We will immediately act and will be removed US Defense Minister Ashton Carter said,”

Providing financial supports for Afghan security forces up to 2020, increasing the numbers of US troops up to 8400 and giving more authority for the US Gen John Nicholson are the main massages given to President Ghani

“ US forces will join war together with its Afghan security forces partners, in the first phase we will destroy the enemies plans US Defense Minister Carter said,”

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said,” Pakistan is facing a tough decision, Terrorism doesn’t have good and bad, We hope Pakistan to take the right decision about terrorism.”

Recently US President Barack Obama has announced that he will keep 8400 of his troops in Afghanistan combating terrorism, providing training and advising for Afghan security forces.

In reverse Afghan officials have promised to the World they will combat against corruption, and will provide good Governance.

Reported by Zaher Qadiri

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