US fails to fulfill commitments of security deal with Afghanistan: Senators

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2016)

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A number of Afghan senators on Sunday have declared that the United States is not honest in U.S.–Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement.

The senators say if US is committed to cooperate with the Afghan government, it should prevent Pakistan’s interventions in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

“The United States has a strategic partnership agreement with Afghanistan. One of the articles of the agreement is that the US will press any country which violate the privacy and integrity of Afghanistan. We should submit an official complaint to the United Nations against Pakistan,” senator Muheyuddin Munsef said.

Senator Sher Muhammad Akhund Zada has also said, “Foreign troops should have a honest and tact cooperation with the Afghan security forces and stand by their commitments and support them.”

The United States and Afghanistan signed a security agreement on 30 September 2014, that would allow some U.S. troops to remain in the country to help train and advise the Afghanistan military.

The 10-year deal would allow 9,800 troops to remain in the country beyond the end of the year and allow some bases to remain open. It would also bar U.S. military from being prosecuted under Afghanistan law.

The Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) repeatedly stressed the supportive nature of the US mission: US forces shall undertake “supporting activities, as may be agreed, in close cooperation and coordination with Afghanistan to assist the ANDSF [Afghan National Defence Security Forces].

Meanwhile, chairman of the senate house stresses that Pakistan has always interfered in Afghanistan’s affairs but it never succeed to gain its targets.

“The Pakistan’s interventions continues since many years ago. Pakistan should know that no Afghan is ready to deal with that country about the Turkham issue,” said Fazlulhadi Muslimyar, chairman of the senate.

The senators statements come as recently, long-simmering tensions between the two neighbors exploded into deadly violence at the Torkham border gate.

According to the Afghan and Pakistani governments, at least one Afghan border police officer and one Pakistani army major were killed in two days of clashes. At least 23 people were also wounded in fighting that involved heavy machine guns.

Since then, Torkham has remained closed, with lines of trucks now backed up and waiting on both sides of the Khyber Pass, a famous mountainous transit route linking the two countries.

The apparent flashpoint for the latest round of tension has involved Pakistan’s construction of a new border terminal.

Some argue that Pakistan’s interference in Afghan’s internal affairs is driven by its insecurity about the Durand Line, the disputed border demarcation upon which the Torkham crossing sits.

As soon as Kabul accepts it as the official dividing line, the argument goes, Pakistan will stop its meddling.

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