US Emphasize On Role Of Neighbors As Afghanistan Faces Challenges

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2016)

dod-13-oc-mp4_snapshot_11-46_2016-10-15_15-03-59The US Department of State have asked Afghanistan’s neighbors to play a constructive role in bringing peace to the war-torn country.

Pentagon Spokesman Peter Cook who was speaking on a press briefing on Thursday said that a constructive role of Afghanistan’s neighbors in terms of helping the Afghans secure their own country would be a welcome thing.

Pentagon says that Afghanistan’s neighbors positive role in terms of security is important as the country faces challenges right now.

At the same time the US Department of State urged again Islamabad to take actions against all terrorist groups operating in its soil.

“We continue to urge Pakistan to take actions to combat and delegitimize all terrorist groups operating on its soil,” US State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner said on his press briefing on Friday.

He also said that Pakistan has suffered a lot in the hands of terrorism.

“We want to help Pakistan confront this terrorist threat, but we also want Pakistan to go after those terrorists who seek and sometimes find safe haven on Pakistan territory,” Toner added.

Afghan officials have always accused Pakistan for backing the terrorist groups in Afghanistan and providing them safe haven, but Pakistan always says itself is a victim of terrorism.

Reported by: Fahim Noori

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