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US Election Result Vital For Afghanistan’s Situation: Analysts

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2016)

_88531728_hi031757035International relations analysts say that the result of United State’s election has a great impact on Afghanistan’s situation.

The analysts emphasize that the victory of Clinton, US election contender is in interest of Afghanistan.

According to them, Clinton has many useful plans for the future of Afghanistan war.

But who will elect as the President of United States?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump end the 2016 campaign with the race between them close, their historic unpopularity intact –- and, on the bright side, a weary electorate saying it’s ready to accept the outcome and move on.

Hillary Clinton a democratic candidate and Donald Trump a controversial candidate; During the electoral campaigns, they had three times debate and cleared their position about the economic strategy, internal and foreign policies. However, they have not mention Afghanistan’s war in their debates.

“Some of international relations analysts say that the US foreign policy is a systematic strategy that would not be changed. But only parts of it will be changed by swapping the faces in the political doctrine,” said Abdul Qadir Zazay, member of international relations commission of Parliament.

Jawad Khawari, University teacher also said, “America election held while the world is engaged in large cases such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine. Simultaneously, the atomic agreement signed with Iran and Washington tensions increased against Russia. US is one of the important countries involve in these cases and it should be seen that how the change of political figures could have impact in the White House.

The 2016 election cycle has proven its ability to soar beyond the human imagination, and surely no mere mortal can comprehend how hairy things could get. The most horrible scenarios appear to lie down the path of an electoral tie.

Reported by Farahnaz Forotan

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