US Drone Strike Kills 6 ANSF Personnel In Farah

(Last Updated On: October 1, 2016)

usAt least six Afghan security  forces have been killed in a US drone strike in Bala Block district of Farah province in west of Afghanistan, army sources said on Saturday.

An Afghan security official who wishes not to be named said five Afghan National Army (ANA) personnel and one policeman were killed on Friday night after a US drone bombed Kensk village in Bala Block district where the Afghan commandos were fighting with the anti-government militants.

According to the source, some other soldiers were wounded in the incident too.

Mohammad Nasir Mehri, provincial police spokesman without confirming the report said a joint operation was conducted by Afghan army and police forces in Kensk village of the district where 34 Taliban militants were killed and dozens of other militants were injured. He also said that two policemen were killed and four others injured in the operation too.

This comes after about two weeks ago, up to eight policemen confirmed dead in southern Urozgan province of Afghanistan as a result of US airstrikes, but a Resolute Support spokesman said those targeted were individuals firing on, and posing a threat to Afghan national security forces.

By: Hesamuddin Hesam

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