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US Diplomat Calls on NUG to Hold Transparent, Competitive Parliamentary Election

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2017)

Special Chargé d’Affaires Ambassador Hugo Llorens Statement on Elections in Afghanistan2.mp4_snapshot_00.03_[2017.03.05_17.16.02]US diplomat, Special charge’ d’ affaires ambassador, Hugo LIorens has urged the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders to work hand in hand to hold a transparent and fair parliamentary election.

” Holding timely, credible and transparent parliamentary election is an essential step along Afghanistan’s path, stability, security and prosperity. I am encouraged to see momentum building towards brining Afghans back to polling stations and the ballot box to choose their representative. My colleagues at the US embassy and I will work tirelessly with the recently appointed independent electoral commission and our friends and partners throughout Afghanistan’s government and with the international partners to achieve this vital goal for the Afghan people,” said Special charge’ d’ affaires ambassador, Hugo LIorens.

Hugo LIorens says the Afghan government should use the experience of 2014 election and do not repeat the same mistakes in the upcoming elections.

” President Ghani and Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah must work hand in hand to ensure a competitive electoral process that gives voice to every Afghan and gives the people a real choice. Key factor in this democratic evaluation is to see the implementation of electoral reforms and make the process more transparent and reduces the opportunity for fraud,” Hugo LIorens noted.

He stressed on an Afghan led election process and appointment of qualified individuals for management of the process.

” The election will succeed not because of international aid or encouragement but ultimately the result of Afghanistan leaders having the wisdom and vision to commit to a fair process,” he added.

The parliamentary and provincial council elections were scheduled to be held two years ago, but the they had not been held so far that follows national and international reactions.

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