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US declares bilateral talks between Afghan-Pakistan only way for stability in region

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2015)


The United States of America says that bilateral talks and cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan government is the only way for stability and security in the region.

US foreign department praised Afghanistan-Pakistan talks following the deadly attacks in Afghanistan Kabul.

John Kerry, spoekesman of US foreign department says, “Bileteral talks between Afghan-Pakistan governments are commendable”.

John Kerry further added that America is committed to cooperate and help Afghan forces and will not abandon Afghanistan in any way.

A high-level Afghan delegation traveled to Pakistan on Thursday to discuss an action plan after Islamabad-hosted peace talks with the Taliban were suspended last month.

The two sides agreed to maintain close contact to promote bilateral cooperation, address all issues of common concern, and evolve a strategic consensus to respond to the security challenges of the region.


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