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US congress representatives support its troops long-term presence in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2015)


A large number of US congress representatives support US troops long-term presence in Afghanistan, chairman of US committee on foreign affairs said.

Ed Royce, chairman of US committee on foreign affairs in an exclusive interview with Ariananews in Washington said that the long-term presence of US troops in Afghanistan will be based on Afghan people demands.

Royce also said to consider President Ghani’s trip to US had many achievements.

“I Think, President Ghani’s trip to US was so important, his meetings were in high levels. We informed of his plans and efforts. We want Afghanistan to succeed and we are ready to help.” Ed Royce, chairman of US committee on foreign affairs said. “We want to address Afghans demands. We support US troops presence in Afghanistan if they demand.”

This comes as National Unity government in their trips to United States stressed on recommitment of bilateral security cooperation with President Barak Obama.

The September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, directed by al-Qaeda, prompted retaliation by U.S. and allied forces, which swiftly ousted the Taliban regime for harboring the terrorist group’s leadership.

The Taliban regrouped in Pakistan and returned as an insurgency, targeting Western troops and the nascent Afghan state. As the United States winds down what has become the longest war in its history, Afghans are left to wonder whether hard-won gains can be preserved.

Relations between Afghanistan and the US can be dated back to 1919, when King Amanullah, the reformist monarch of Afghanistan, dispatched the first Afghan envoy to Washington following independence from Britain.

Reported by Nazira Azim Karimi


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