US air strikes will pound Taliban shelters in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Defense have stated that US president Barack Obama in his recent decision have let his air forces to provide air supports for Afghan security forces while conducting military operation against terrorists in Afghanistan.

They have also urged that US has changed its policy against Pakistan, US Government should also select one either Afghanistan or Taliban.

Ministry of Defense Deputy Spokesman Mohammad Ramish said,” US air forces will provide support anytime wherever they are, we need US air supports the most in the provinces of Kunduz, Baghlan, Nangarhar , Konar and Helmand.”

Pakistan has been always a good supporter for Taliban, Afghan security forces believe that cheating of Pakistan has made US Government to change its policy against it.

“Fundamental changes made on the policy of US towards Pakistan, the messages of US officials for Taliban supporters are as same as it was on 2001, messages indicating that either to be with Taliban or quit it Ministry of Interior Affairs spokesman Sediq Sediqee said,”

Meanwhile Afghan military experts have addressed some of the gaps in the queue of the Afghan security forces.

Military expert Atiqullah Amarkhail said,” the most effective way for Afghan security forces to defend its country well is to get equipped with Tanks, jet fighters, artillery and some other heavy machine guns to remove Taliban easily.”

Afghan officials are pushing through to get some achievements before attending Warsa summit which will be held after one month.

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