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Uruzgan mayor determines Kaldar as second valuable exchange

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2016)


Officials in Directorate of Local Governance have stated that the Uruzgan mayor has announced the Pakistani rupees called Kaldar as the second exchange currency in the markets, using foreign currencies will decrease the values of the Afghan currency within the markets, saying investigation will be launched to pursue the following issue.

Officials in Ministry of Finance urged exchanging of foreign notes while purchasing goods are contrary to Afghanistan Finance laws.

Media accessed document indicating that Uruzgan mayor has determined Pakistani rupees called Kaldar as the second valuable exchanged while purchasing meat and some other basic food from the markets.

Officials in Directorate of Local Governance have confirmed the following food price list saying investigation is underway to pursue the following issue.

Directorate of Local Governance Spokeswoman Munira Yusofzada said,” We confirm the following price list of the basic food released by the Uruzgan Municipal, the Governor of Uruzgan will investigate about the issue and is willing to share the results soon with media.”

Uruzgan Governor Spokesman Dost Mohammad Nayab said,” We promise pursuing the issue and sharing the results with central Government and the media outlets soon, after the investigation it will be declared if the following Mayor still can hold his position.”

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Finance despite of giving no comments calling the following action against the law.

Ministry of Finance Spokesman Ajmal Hameed AbdulRahimzai said,” I don’t want to say any words about that but in general the following action is contrary to financial law.”

Economy experts believed that using foreign notes on daily purchasing process will decrease the values of the Afghani currency, based on the reports that in some provinces of Afghanistan foreign currencies Kaldar, Tuman and even US Dollars are being used to purchase goods or to carrying the business.

Reported by Ali Asghari


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