‘Uprising for Change’ Warns to Set Up More Tents Again

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2017)

The Uprising for Change Movement once again staged protests in Kabul, demanding the prosecution of the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders.

The supporters and members of the movement have repeated their demands, accused NUG leaders of violating the law and called on International Community to prevent government leaders of their illegal actions.

“Uprising for Change believes that the current government cannot support Afghan people and provide security,” said Kalimullah Ham Sukhan, a member of the movement.

Another member, Haroon Mutaref said, “We are insisting on our demands and want serious changes.”

A senior member of the movement, Barna Salehi said, “We will set up our tents once again if our demands not addressed in the upcoming 20 days.”

According to the movement, the negligence of government on people’s demands caused they refer to international organizations for justice.

“We call on Parliament to accuse NUG leaders of violating law based on the 69th article of the constitution,” said Omar Ahmad Parwani, a member of the movement.

Nearly 1,000 Afghan civilians were killed or wounded in three separate incidents in four days. The police shot six demonstrators after a truck bomb killed nearly 150.

The next day, three simultaneous explosions targeted a funeral ceremony, killing 20 and injuring dozens more.

The firing at civilian demonstrators only reinforced their position to demand the resignation of key security ministers for incompetence. They named themselves the Uprising for Change.

The Uprising for Change, as they called themselves, was born out of people’s growing frustration with the National Unity Government.

At the core of the movement was the legitimate anger of a frustrated generation, which sees no promising prospect for security, peace, and stability in their country under the current leadership.

The movement, however, lacked strong organization in chasing its targets. In part, lack of organizational capacity and independent political voice made the movement vulnerable and exposed to various forms of manipulation from the old and resourceful Mujahedeen parties, as well as experienced opportunist politicians.

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