Upper House Summons IEC Official Members

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2014)

Senate EnSenators in upper house of the parliament have summoned Independent Election head members where major frauds were charged within the results for the provincial council candidates.

However the Officials in Independent Election Commission IEC confirmed huge frauds were charged, and doest refuse the clear influences of the Afghan Security officials, Governors, Local powerful figures and some other Elect Provincial council members in the Provincial council members Election.

A huge Number of the Provincial council members who could not make through the process, demanding the Government to establish a special committee to review complains and documents.

One of the protested Provincial council members Wali Mohammad Khaliqyar urged we have documents of frauds has been charged in hands.

The other protested Provincial council member Rafiullah Gul Afghan said,” we have documents in hands indicating frauds within the provincial council Election charged documents will be presented upon the request.”

Deputy of Election Commission Abdul Rahman Hotak confirmed the frauds and embezzlements within the presidential and provincial elections, based on the law the other commission named Independent Election Complain Commission IECC has been established to review the complains being made.”

Since the deputy of the IEC could not provide more details they have demanded to establish a special committee to review complains and seek frauds.

According to the IEC officials more than 2500 provincial candidates have attended the system only 458 have succeeded which 97 of those is organized by the presence of Women.

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