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Upper House Members Approve Pension Law

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2015)

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Senators in the house of the parliament have approved the pension law, they have also confirmed the third paragraph of the 10th article of regulating and benefits salaries for senior official rankings, earlier this was called a separated from the pension rights.

Senators have also made some adjustments on 4th article of the law prevention of money laundry which had been approved by lower house of the parliament, the amendment indicates that the following law should be practiced 2004.

The following law has been approved in 4 chapters and containing 13 articles.

Hassan Hotak member of the law committee in the upper house of the parliament said,” members of the National assembly weren’t counted as one the others receiving pensions after they get retired, we also demanded our rights because we are also part of the Afghanistan Government.”

A number of the senators have called practicing of the law prevention of money laundry should be enforced now because the no laws would cover the past.

Senator Muhuddin Munsif said,” this is against the Afghanistan constitution, when a law is approved, the persons who ignore it should be executed,the Government confirmation should be granted.”

However the other senators Najiba Hussieni said,” its not against the law those who have gained money illegally should executed.”

The law prevention of money from laundry has been approved in 8 chapters and 70 articles.

Reported by Abdul Aziz Karimi

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