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Upper House concerns on delaying results for Provincial Council members

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2014)

3Upper house members of the parliament have expressed their concerns on delaying the results for the election provincial council members they have demanded both Independent Election Commission IEC and Independent Election Complain Commission IECC officials to release their results as soon as they can.

They have also condemned the missile attacks being fired from the other side of the Duran line and demanded the USA Government after the mutual security agreement signed in between Kabul and US Ambassador in Kabul to exert pressures on Pakistan to stop fire missiles into Afghanistan territory.

Upper house deputy Rafiullah GulAfghan said,” everyone is waiting to hear the results we know what issues going on in both commissions they compete each other.”

Meanwhile the Kunar security officials have stated that 75 missiles hit some of the districts in their province last night.


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