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Unprecedented Accusations of Atta Muhammad Noor to Gov’t

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2017 7:55 pm)

Following the harsh criticizes of President Ghani over the formation of a new coalition for the Salvation of Afghanistan, Atta Muhammad Noor accused government officials of thievery.

“All positions are dealing. The thieves are those who have the power and procedures,” said Atta Muhammad Noor, governor of Balkh.

Noor calls the current system a despotism government and considered the silence of Executive Officer against the suppress of protesters shameful.

He said Abdullah Abdullah is silent because of some government positions and salaries.

“Ministers and government institutions do not have any authority,” Noor said.

The governor of Balkh stated that he stopped negotiations with the Presidential Palace-ARG and noted millions of dollars are being hijacked by government officials in state contractors.

On the subject of coalition for the Salvation of Afghanistan, Noor said the announcement of existence will be made after bargaining with the Afghan people.

Atta Muhammad Noor stressed the government now has no roots and all politicains are unsatisfied.

The Presidential Palace has not reacted and made any comments regarding Noor’s statements so far.

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