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Unknown Men Hang Market Guardian in Takhar Province

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2018)

Unknown armed men hanged last night a guardian of a market in the northern Takhar province, said local authorities.

Khalil Asir, spokesman of Takhar Police, confirming the news added that the hanged guardian named Abdul Baqi who was a 43 years old man.

He further noted that Mr. Baqi was the guardian of Friday Market in Siyab village of Bangi district in Takhar province.

According to the local official, the main motive behind the incident is yet to be cleared and police forces have already started investigations regarding the incident.

There are no further details about the perpetrator of the incident as well.

Many provinces across the country, particularly provinces in the north have witnessed recently a hike in number of criminal cases, murder and kangaroo type courts.

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