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Unity Leaders jointly approved Kabul Statement backing Saudi Arabia in Yemen – ARG

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2015)

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Afghan leaders have jointly drafted Afghanistan’s statement backing Saudi Arabia in Yemen war, Presidential spokesman declared.

Presidential Spokesman Ajmal Obaid Abedy who was speaking with Ariana News regarding the recent statements made by Mohammad Mohaqeq, the second deputy of Afghanistan’s CEO said that none of the National Security Council members opposed Afghanistan decision backing Saudi Arabia involvement in Yemen war.

After the Saudi Arabia led coalition launched strikes in Yemen against Houthi rebels, Saudi Arabia is trying to defeat the so called Iran-backed armed militia in its southern neighboring country.

Afghanistan has also announced its support to Saudi Arabia in a statement released from the Presidential Palace, but Mohaqeq is stressing Kabul neutrality in Yemen war saying that no decision has been made in the National Security Council to support Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

What was released on the statement was not agreed at the National Security Council, we orally recommended asking the UN Security Council to mediate in this issue,” Mohaqeq said.

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On the other hand the Presidential Spokesman Abedy emphasize that everyone was agreed at the NSC on the statement being announced.

Definitely, the National Security Council decision was sent to the President and the Chief Executive Officer for approval and it was released after the approval, and all members of the NSC unanimously took the decision,” Abedy stated.

Despite these contradictory statements the House Speaker Abdul Rauf Ebrahimi on Saturday session of Wolesi Jirga – the House of Representatives asked the government to specify clearly their foreign policy guidelines and send it for approval to the House to avoid ambiguity in the future.

Ebrahimi said,” We ask the President to send Afghanistan’s foreign policy basic lines to the Parliament for approval in order to avoid viral statements”.

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Ex-Afghan National Security Advisor Rangin Dadfar Spanta criticized Kabul’s decision to support Saudi Arabia in the Yemen conflict believing that Afghanistan must stay neutral.

Spanta believes Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting a proxy war in Yemen and that decision to back Saudi Arabia whose Sheikhs are supporting extremist groups in Afghanistan through Pakistan ISI intelligence agency is against Afghanistan national interest and will take Afghanistan to the regional conflicts.

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