Unemployment Increases among Afghan youths Officials Say

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2015)


Unemployment has been doubled among Afghan youths comparing to last year.
Youth deputy in Ministry of Information and culture Timorshah Isaaqzai has warned that if the current condition continues, it will cause huge crisis among young generation in the country.”
Afghanistan is a country where most of its citizens are young annually 4000 newly workers enter into the Markets as new working forces where most of them are educated but there is no job.
Youth deputy in Ministry of information and culture Timorshah Isaaqzai said,” unemployment has doubled from 2 million into 4 million persons but the National unity Government has so many programs for decreasing unemployment among young generation in the country.”
Meanwhile Institutions for supporting workers have addressed the main bold factors for increasing such phenomenon are no pre-measurements, Presidential Election, and recent insecurity.
Head of National Union Workers in Afghanistan Marouf Qadiri said,” production firms and factories are being shut day by day and the Government has not even begun implementation of programs to decrease unemployment in the country.”
Ministry of Work and social affairs spokesman Ali Iftekhari said,” Young generation spend huge money to leave the country if that amount of money to be invested within the country it will boost the economy as well as create several jobs opportunities.”
Based on the estimation 36 % of Afghans living in poverty and even lower than that Afghans hoped to see enormous positive changes within their life style after the National unity Government establishment, its seems impossible because the NUG officials have not been capable to form a small cabinet yet.
Reported By Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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