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Unemployment, Corruption Threats Afghanistan’s National Security

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2015)


 The Afghanistan strategic Study Center has published a report after conducting an investigation that the exemption culture against corruption is fully respected in Afghanistan, in the following research people have accused both Election commissions for huge corruptions.

Afghan researcher Tamim Aseey said, “Unemployment increased, corruption existed these two directly threats Afghanistan’s National security”.

The research has been launched in main cities and even district levels where all of the participants in the survey have expressed their deep concerns over insecurity, Unemployment, and corruption, they have demanded the Government to adopt necessary measurements to resolve the issues otherwise catastrophic is underway.

The other Afghan researcher Hussien Ali Karimi said,” the level of corruption has hiked when a person willing to refer to a Governmental department first of he thinks about a person who takes bribe to see his documents in process before he acts.”

Officials in Afghanistan have also confirmed the existence of corruption within its departments, but corruption has been given as heritage from the previous Government.

Reported by Farah Naz Frotan

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