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Unemployment Causes Disaster: Demonstrators

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2015)

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A number of Young boys have staged a rally against unemployment in front of the National assembly saying unemployment has caused severe problems for all citizens in the society.

They have addressed the problems appeared in the society was illegal migration to abroad, turning to narcotic drugs, joining insurgents ranks are the main examples of Afghan Youths.

Ahmad Qais one of the demonstrators said,” insecurity has made us to come on the street and demand jobs from the Government.”

The demonstrators have accused the Government for doing nothing to create jobs opportunity to keep its Young generation inside the country.

Civil society activist Sediq Zai said,” unemployment has made the Nation flee from the country; inviting them back to the country is one of the wrong policies of the Government.”

Meanwhile Mps in the lower house of the parliament have also declared the main reasons for unemployment is poverty and insecurity, these two mainly caused that Young Afghans to leave the country.

Fakoor Behisti said,” after the establishing of the National Unity Government unemployment increased dozens of young men have left the country to abroad.”

Young boys and girls had staged dozens rallies demanding their rights but ended with no positive results.

Reported by Ali Asghari


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