UNDP Stresses on Afghan Govt. Lead in Afghanistan Election

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2017)

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United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Afghanistan country director, Douglas Keh in an exclusive interview with Ariana News emphasized on afghan-led election.

UNDP has provided technical and logistical support to the Afghan elections since 2004, but they gradually handed over these responsibilities to the Independent Elections Commission over the past elections. It means the elections have become more and more Afghan-led and the costs lowered in each of the successive elections.

The effectiveness and transparency of Afghanistan election depends on leading and management of Afghan government without the involvement of the International Community.

Douglas Keh said, “I defines success when the country itself is in the lead or the authorities are in the lead in managing, in carrying out transparent incredible election with the voice of the people is reflected in the outcome. I think moving forward, we need to do better, UN is supporting the government and the independent election commissions in managing future elections on their own without any involvement of the international community, especially technically or logistically.”

UNDP senior official considers finding a solution of the current security situation of Afghanistan is very difficult, saying it requires domestic and foreign confidence.

Douglas Keh added, “there is no simple solution to the security challenges facing Afghanistan right now. It is complicated. I do think that most everyone would agree that any solution would require partnership and confidence building among the government of Afghanistan, the countries throughout the region the neighboring countries as well as many the donor and politically active countries who have interest in peace in Afghanistan.”

UNDP has been working in Afghanistan continuously since 1966 in close partnership with government, civil society and other national and international partners.

Reported by Fahim Noori & Edited by Muhamad ZackArya

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