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‘Uncertain’ Fate of e-NIC Concerned Citizens

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2018)

Expressing concerns on the “uncertain” fate of electronic National Identity Cards (e-NIC), a number of Kabul residents on Wednesday urged the government not to “politicize” national plans, and start distributing the electronic ID cards.

Since last few days, at least 250 government officials have completed the bio-metric process for e-NIC including the president, but the roll out process is yet to officially kick off.

“We didn’t receive our ID cards yet, despite the biometric process has begun. We urge the government to distribute the ID cards. Tazkira [national ID cards] is important, wherever we go,” said Humayoun, a Kabul resident.

“Why postponement comes in every plans of the government. The ID cards process has begun since year and half, but even the president did not receive his Taskira yet,” questioned Rameen Sadat, a Kabul resident.  

Sayed Ikram Afzal, Executive Director of Integrity Watch Afghanistan, however, stressed that there is lack of “national consensus”which has challenged the issuance of electronic National Identity Cards.

The Presidential Palace has not immediately commented in regard. But the Population Registration Department’s Spokesman Rohullah Ahmadzai said that the authority is ready to start distributing e-NIC, after presidential order.

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