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UNAMA Accused of Censorship

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2014)


Ariana News and dozens of other media outlets have accused UNAMA of censorship and partiality after it didn’t allow TV channels except one private channel to cover Friday’s important event.

Yesterday (Friday) a very important press conference between the Presidential candidates and US State Secretary John Kerry was held in UNAMA office of Kabul where the candidates announced their agreement on creating a government of national unity. But none of TV channels except one private media were allowed to cover the event.

Media advocacy groups, reporters and civil society organizations have strongly criticized this act of UNAMA and called it a kind of censorship.

Siddiqullah Tawhidi, director of NAI, agency supporting open media, said, “We expect all agencies working in Afghanistan to not act with partiality and provide information to all media outfits.”

He added, “What UNAMA did was a kind of censoring media.”

Some other media supporting agencies have also condemned UNAMA’s act, saying it has acted with partiality.

No agency has the right stop people from accessing information, union of journalists said.


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