UN worries over IS existence in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: March 17, 2015)


The top U.N. envoy in Afghanistan who was speaking to the UN Security Council on Monday says reports indicate that the Islamic State (IS) has established a foothold in Afghanistan.

Nicholas Haysom who was presenting the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon a four month report about the situation of Afghanistan is concerned about Islamic State’s ability to unite Afghan insurgents.

Haysom said,” The assessment of the U.N. political mission in Afghanistan indicates that the Islamic State (IS) presence in Afghanistan is concerning because of its potential to offer an alternative flagpole to which otherwise isolated insurgent splinter groups can rally”.

The report also highlights Taliban insurgent group commander’s allegiance with the Islamic State terrorist group attempting to gain financial support of IS.

After these concerns the President Spokesman Ajmal Obaid Abidy confirmed IS presence in Afghanistan saying “it is really concerning”.

Moreover Afghan experts say that the concerns are accurate. They insist on a need to eliminate the root of this terrorist group immediately.

Attiqullah Amarkhail who is a military expert said,” The best way is that Afghanistan and the International Community together struggle to develop a plan in order to eliminate and avoid the IS extension in Afghanistan, if this terrorist group grows then they have to pay a high cost”.

A number of Afghan lawmakers believe that IS is getting slowly as a serious threat which requires an organized plan to confront with.

International Community must take action against this newfound terrorist group in the region, because Islamic State group is very concerning for the people around the world and threats all countries in the world,” Mohammad Abdah a member of Afghan Parliament said on Tuesday.

Earlier a number of foreign officials also expressed their concerns over Islamic State activities in Afghanistan.

Reported by: Hameed Sediqi


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