UN Urges Afghanistan to Tackle Threats from Terrorist Groups

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2017)


The UN Security Council is calling on Afghanistan’s government to tackle the alarming threats posed by extremists.

The Council on Friday adopted a resolution extending the mandate of the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan by one year due to serious concern over the growth of the Taliban, Islamic State affiliates and other extremist groups that are threatening the security and stability of Afghanistan and the countries of the region.

“Unanimously adopting resolution 2344 (2016), the Council decided to extend the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) until 17 March 2018,” a statement released by the UN said.

During the session, the representative of Japan who was addressing the Council members expressed his serious concern about the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation of Afghanistan.

“We are united in our serious concern about the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation as well as in our commitment to supporting Afghanistan and the government efforts to tackle many complex challenges it faces, “Koro Bessho the representative of Japan said.

This comes as about a week ago, the UN Security Council urged for immediate efforts to stabilize the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan and the Permanent Representative of Afghanistan in the United Nations complained against territorial integrity violations by Pakistan.

Reported by: Fahim Noori

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