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UN Torture Committee Calls for Prosecution of Kandahar’s Security Commander

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2017)

RAZZAQ-1425480303The U.N. Committee against Torture said the police chief of Afghanistan’s Kandahar province, General Abdul Raziq, should be prosecuted over allegations of torture and enforced disappearances.

The committee’s report said, “the Committee is particularly concerned at the numerous and credible allegations indicating General Abdul Raziq, ANP Commander in Kandahar, as being widely suspected of complicity, if not of personal implication, in severe human rights abuses, including extrajudicial killings and settlement of secret detention centers.”

The committee’s chairman Jens Modvig said: “there are reports that he has been directly involved, yes.”

Kandahar security commander, General Abdul Raziq, Raziq rejected any allegation that he had been involved in torturing inmates.

Gen. Raziq said, “first of all I don’t have private jails and secondly the government-run prisons are inspected by the International Committee of the Red Cross and other human rights organizations on regular bases.”

He added, “I strongly reject such claims and they are made to defame me. If anyone or any entity have any proof, they should present it but I am sure there is none.”

UNAMA has already said there has been an increase in the use of torture since its last report in 2015, and perpetrators are still not being prosecuted, or even sacked.

The types of torture most commonly reported by detainees to UNAMA were beating, especially with rubber hoses, electric cables or wires or wooden sticks and most frequently on the soles of the feet, and suspension, being hung from bars or chains for lengthy periods.

Less common, but still widespread, were the twisting of the penis and wrenching of the testicles, and threats of sexual abuse, electric shocks, forced standing, and the removal of toenails.

The Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC) reported of recording 68 cases of torture in prisons of the country in the current year.

Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) said two delegations have been sent to Kandahar to investigate the situations of prisons and prisoners, but they have not found any kind or torture in jails.

In recent years, systematic reporting on the conditions of security detainees has been carried out by UNAMA under its Security Council mandate and the AIHRC. These are the only two organizations with the authorization and reach to be able to, first, get into places of detention to speak to prisoners and, secondly, do that across the country.

By: Muhammad ZackArya

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