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UN Security Council resolution endorses US-Taliban peace agreement

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2020)

The UN Security Council passes a resolution presented by the United States of America endorsing the US-Taliban agreement on bringing peace to Afghanistan.

The resolution writes, “The developments endorsed by this resolution are the product of more than a year of unprecedented US diplomatic engagement with the Taliban, in coordination with our partners in Afghanistan, the region, and around the world.”

It also underlines that the UN Security Council does not recognize the Taliban as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and does not endorse the return of the Taliban as the IEA.

The resolution calls on the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban to build trust and move towards the intra-Afghan peace talks soon.

According to the resolution, various political movements, civil activists, women, in particular, should take part in the peace process of Afghanistan.

The international community should continue their humanitarian support of Afghanistan, the resolution reads.

The resolution wants the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to form an all-inclusive negotiating delegation comprised of political leaders, civil society and women to intensify the peace process.

In the meantime, US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad tweeted, “The resolution demonstrates the international community supports our approach to security for the world from Afghanistan. And peace, unity, and sovereignty for the Afghan people


“The UN resolution also calls on both the Taliban and the Afghan government to continue confidence-building measures and to move quickly to intra-Afghan negotiations,” Khalilzad tweeted.

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