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UN security council members express concerns on Terrorism in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2015)


United Nations Organization Security Council members have expressed their deep concerns over the presence of terrorists in Afghanistan.

In the fresh press release United Nations Security Council members have demanded the International community to provide serious cooperation for Afghans to defeat terrorism from their country.

Meanwhile second deputy for chief executive Mohammad Mohaqiq has announced that Afghan security forces are fully ready to defend the terrorists in Afghanistan.

The security council of United Nations has also urged that any peace process disrupting can’t direct the Afghanistan peace process in the wrong way.

We want to specify our deep concerns over presence of terrorism in the name of Taliban, AlQaida, Daesh and some other illegal armed groups who are serious threats to Afghan National and international countries, we insist that those who are supporting terrorism should be executed and trailed, once again we demand the International community to provide cooperation for Afghan Government defeating terrorism in their country security council of United Nations members said.

Deputy Spokesman of Ministry of interior affairs Najibullah Danish said,” what the members of the Security Council for United Nations have urged is correct, we do need the International community supports on combating terrorism in Afghanistan,

Afghanistan has experienced three seasons with war,this winter and war still continues in some parts of the country.

Reported by Nasrat parsa

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