UN Envoy Stresses Tackling Corruption in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2017)


The top United Nations envoy for Afghanistan said  the fight against corruption is one of the most important issues and urged to overcome this phenomenon.

UN Special Representative for Afghanistan Tadamichi Yamamoto said during a press conference that was attended by the minister of justice, “Corruption is one of the greatest challenges to restoring lasting peace and development in Afghanistan. For the sake of Afghanistan’s future and well being of its citizens, the government has committed to fighting and eliminating corruption in all sectors,” said

Tadamichi Yamamoto calls the existence of corruption in security institutions dangerous and the main factor against peace.

Yamamoto added, “We find that corruption in the security sector bites into the moral of soldiers and also it affects the creditability of the security among the people. We believe that the government is trying to address the issue, We appreciate and our view is that this is a critical issue that we have to address. A lot of efforts are underway  and the International community is looking at this as a very serious issue.”

The minister of justice has also noted about the serious decision of the Afghan government on fighting against corruption.

Justice minister, Abdul Basir Anwari said, “The government have no mercy in terms of fighting the corruption, even the security organs.”

UN special envoy for Afghanistan stressed that fighting against corruption will not win in a short-time and needs sustained commitment by the government, people and the international community’s full support.

By ZackArya & Ali Asghari

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