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UK Urges NUG to Make ‘Fighting-Corruption’ First Key Priority

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2017)

UK Ambassador about corruption in Afghanistan.mp4_snapshot_01.53_[2017.03.29_16.27.23]The United Kingdom (UK) government has urged the National Unity Government (NUG) to make “fighting against corruption” its first key priority.

UK ambassador to Kabul says fighting corruption need much to do, and it is optional but is an absolute requirement.

“There is so much to do on tackling corruption here in Afghanistan and as an international partners, we want to see the Afghan people receiving what is their rights from government and not being exhorted or corruptly required to make payment,” said Dominic Jermey, UK ambassador to Kabul.

The British diplomat also asks Afghan people to reveal corruption cases.

“My key message to the government is fighting corruption is not optional, it is an absolutely requirement. The Afghan people demanded, it comes up continue sly that we have with ordinary Afghans and civil society organizations and we the international community strongly support the efforts of the government to tackle corruption. Now is the time to end impunity,” Dominic Jermey added.

After two years of discussions held among the leaders of the national unity government, Afghanistan inaugurated a center to fight corruption in the country in last June 2016.

On August 25, 2008, Afghanistan became a State Party to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, and the government also enacted the Law on Supervision and Implementation of an Anti-Corruption Strategy in 2008.

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