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U.S. Troop Drawdown Won’t have ‘Significant Impact’: NSA Mohib

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2019)

National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib says the U.S. troop drawdown will not have “significant impact” on the security situation of war-torn Afghanistan.

Speaking in an interview with Indian TV channel SNi during his visit to India, Hamdullah Mohib said the Afghan forces have been leading the security efforts since 2014 when thousands of NATO forces withdrew from Afghanistan.

“The drawdown will not have a significant impact. We have been preparing and have been leading actually the security efforts since 2014 when 100,000 NATO troops withdrew from Afghanistan,” he said.

“We’re continuing to build on the capacity and capability of our own security forces and we are proud of the achievements that they have had over the last four years. We’re prepared for whatever is to come and I have full confidence in their capacity,” he added.

Recently, the Afghan government said that they will not participate in the due multinational peace talks in Jeddah unless the Taliban engage with their delegation.

“If they (Taliban) are prepared to speak with the Afghan government we will then participate. The condition is on the process. If they are not willing to participate or talk directly with the Afghan government then it’s not useful for us to go all the way and not be present in the talks,” he said.

He also called on the Taliban to engage in talks with Afghans.

“There will be no peace without intra-Afghan dialogue,” Mohib said. “Any decisions that would be made on Afghanistan will have to be Afghan-owned and Afghan-led.”

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