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U.S. to Leave ‘Significant Intelligence’ in Afghanistan After Pullout

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2019)

Donald Trump, the United States’ President, says that the only reason for the presence of the American forces in Afghanistan is to prevent it from turning into a laboratory for terror.

 “We are there for one reason. We do not want that to be a laboratory; can’t be a laboratory for terror,” said Trump.

Moreover, he is hopeful about the Afghan peace process and US-Taliban talks which are going to be concluded in a few weeks.

“We have a very good view. I mean something is going to be announced over the next couple of weeks,” said Trump.

“We are having very good discussions with the Taliban. We are having a very good discussion with the Afghan government,” he added.  

“We have things under control very well. With the small force, we can probably make it a bit smaller. And then we will decide. It will on the Taliban. It will depend on the Afghan government,” he further said.  

In addition, Trump stresses that the U.S. will keep part of its intelligence in Afghanistan even after withdrawal.

“There is a case to be made. And the case is that that we are going to be leaving very significant intelligence,” said Trump.

This cones as it is not the first time that Trump makes remarks about the keeping of the American intelligence in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of their forces from this country.

He had also stated previously that will preserve part of the American intelligence in Afghanistan to prevent Afghanistan to become a safe place for the terrorists.

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