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U.S. State Department Blamed Iran for Car Bomb Attack in Kabul

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2019)

The U.S. Department of State on Thursday, 13 June, blamed Iran for the car bomb attack near the main gate of Marshal Fahim Military University in Kabul, on May 31st.

Addressing a press conference in Washington D.C, Pompeo said, “On May 31st, a car bomb in Afghanistan wounded four U.S. service members, killed four Afghan civilians, and wounded bystanders.”

However, the embassy of Iran in Kabul in a statement rejected its involvement in the attack.

Pompano’s remarks on the involvement of Iran in the attack on May 31st in Kabul is not factual and Iran extremely rejects it, added the statement.

Based on the statements, the baseless blame takes place while the Taliban had claimed the responsibility for the attack.

Iran announces its inclusive preparations for cooperating with the regional governments especially Afghanistan against the terroristic measures in addition to condemning the terroristic actions in any part of the world, the statement further said.

This comes as at least six people were killed and six others wounded in the attack.

Previously, Daesh had claimed the responsibility for the attack. 

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