U.S. Representatives Publicly Voice “Idle Gossips”, Says Russia

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2018)

The embassy of Russian Federation in Kabul issuing a statement has strongly reacted against recent remarks made by Gen. Nicholson and stated that the U.S. government officials are constantly allowing themselves to publicly voice “idle gossips”.

“we have taken note of new statements of Gen. John W. Nicholson, the Commander of the Resolute Support Mission and U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, regarding the alleged Russian support to the Taliban in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It’s worth reminding to high-ranking officials that such serious allegations should be backed up by irrefutable evidence,” the statement issued by the Russian Embassy in Kabul said.

The Russian mission further described Gen. Nicholson’s allegations as “absolutely baseless” and appeals U.S. officials not to talk “nonsense”.

It also expressed surprise regarding the content of an article which was recently published on the website of American CBS News.

The news agency published an article on Wednesday, March 21, titled “U.S. Says Russian support for Taliban hurts peace process in Afghanistan” in which the author stated that Russia allegedly shares some intelligence data with the Taliban.

The Embassy described such articles as “propaganda tricks” saying that they are designed and aimed at discrediting Russia’s foreign policy.

It further notes that those who are really responsible for the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan are trying to put the burden of guilt for their failures on Russia and damage the Russian-Afghan relations.

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