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U.S. Redeploying Troops from Iraq to Afghanistan: Report

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2018)

The U.S. has pulled out dozens of its troops along with weapons and equipment from Iraq and shifted them to Afghanistan in the past weeks, the Associated Press reported on Monday.

Western contractors at the base quoted as saying that dozens of soldiers are leaving the base on daily flights.

According to the report, the exact scale of the redeployment was unclear.

Asadullah Nadeem, a military expert in Afghanistan, told Ariana News that Kabul should not just listen to the Washington; instead, Afghan officials must share their needs with U.S. authorities.

Meanwhile, U.S. forces in Afghanistan  has targeted a terrorist hideout in north of the country, bordering with China and Tajikistan.

“Yesterday, we carried out airstrikes in Badakhshan province in which six terrorists were killed,” said Dawlad Waziri, spokesman for the Afghan ministry of defense. “Today, we also carried out successful airstrikes in Badakhshan as well as in other provinces such as Takhar, Faryab and etc.”

This comes as last year, the U.S. officials announced that in addition to the current 11,000 troops about 4,000 more troops will be deployed to Afghanistan based on the new U.S. Afghan strategy.

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