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U.S. Put Taliban with Pakistan Links on Terror Blacklist

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2018)

The United States designated as global terrorists six individuals accused of supporting the Taliban and Haqqani network in Afghanistan and is stressing their links to Pakistan.

The six include senior members of the former Taliban government in Afghanistan among them former Central Bank Governor Abdul Samad Sani and others said to have provided financing and weapons for militants involved in attacks on U.S.-led coalition forces.

Senior Treasury Department official Sigal Mandelker said the sanctions support President Donald Trump’s strategy in South Asia by disrupting “terrorist” organizations and publicly exposing individuals who facilitate them. Those blacklisted are forbidden to hold U.S. property, and those in the U.S. are prohibited from dealing with them.

“The Pakistani government must work with us to deny the Taliban and the Haqqani network sanctuary and to aggressively target their terrorist fundraising,” Mandelker, the undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, said in a statement.

The Afghan government expects that sanctions and pressure on Taliban and Haqqani network should not remain in small limits.

According to the government, the paths that the Taliban gain facilities from outside of the country should also be confronted.

Following the Kabul hotel attack in the weekend, the White House has urged Pakistan to immediately arrest or expel the Taliban’s leaders who operate from Pakistani territory.

The US believes that Pakistani authorities provide sanctuaries to terrorist organizations.

Both countries have had a rift over the issues that soured since President Trump announced Afghan policy last August.

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