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U.S. Provides Afghan Forces with 500 New Armored Vehicles

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2017)

The United States has provided Afghan security forces with about 500 new armored vehicles which will bolster the capability of these forces in targeting the militants’ bases, according to Afghan defense officials.

“The armored vehicles are to be functioned and deployed in all Afghan military corpses”, said Dawlat Waziri, spokesman of the Defense Ministry.

Afghan security forces are said to be very vulnerable against the militants’ attacks for not being equipped with the needed military vehicles and weapons. The country’s military officials, receiving these vehicles, say that such aids will contribute to constrain the insurgency.

Meanwhile, Najib Danesh, spokesperson of Afghanistan Interior Ministry says that if they receive the committed military aids, there will be further achievements and success in the war against insurgents.

However, some military experts admitting the impacts of these armored vehicles describe such aids as insufficient for the needs of Afghan forces.

“There should be sufficient of such armored vehicle within all Afghan military corpses. Currently they can’t meet our needs”, says Atiqullah Amarkhil, an Afghan military expert.

The government of Afghanistan has made a 4 year plan to build Afghan military and equip Afghan Defense and Security Forces with the needed equipment. International Community and particularly the United States will pay $4 billion in aid for these forces.

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