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U.S. New Afghan Strategy Means ‘Victory’: McCain

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2017)

U.S. senior republican senator, John McCain says the U.S. National Security strategy in Afghanistan led by General, McMaster means “victory”.

In an interview on Australian television, the U.S. republican John McCain declared the new security team in Trump’s administration is developing a strategy which means victory.

“I believe that this national security team that is around the President now, General McMaster, general Kalin and General Mattis, I think they are developing a strategy and that strategy means victory,” McCain, the US senator said.

McCain noted the reason that Afghan security forces are suffering causalities is the  wrong policies of the former President, Barack Obama.

“One of the reasons is that we have not pursue the strategy for victory, the Obama administration’s strategy was, Don’t Lose! and the fact is that right now the Afghan national army known as the ANA is suffering unsustainable loses and we withdrew troops at a time when it was going to be harmful to do so,” He said.

U.S. Senator McCain calls the main factors of security challenges in Afghanistan are in Pakistan’s soil.

“The big problem of the Haqqani network having sanctuary in Pakistan, a country with nuclear weapons and its inventory is huge issue because as long as the enemy has sanctuary, it makes it very difficult to defeat them,” McCain added.

This comes as U.S. national security administrative and NATO leaders are bargaining on sending more troops to Afghanistan.

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