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U.S. Never Pulls out of Afghanistan, They Reassess Plans According to Situation: Military Experts

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2015)


Military experts say that U.S. will never withdraw Pentagon military troops from Afghanistan, but they will reassess their plans according to the situation of Afghanistan.

This is a reality that the U.S. will never leave Afghanistan, because they need our geographical location in the region, the U.S. is continuously assessing the current & the future situation of Afghanistan and they will readjust their plans according to their own assessments,” Attiqullah Amarkhail a military experts said.

New Pentagon Chief visited Afghan leaders on Saturday and stated during a joint press conference with President Ashraf Ghani that he’ll reassess U.S. exit.

Our priority now is to make sure this progress sticks, that is why President Obama is considering a number of options to reinforce our support for President Ghani’s security strategy, including possible changes to the timeline for our drawdown of U.S. troops,” Carter said.

Further to these statements a number of Afghan politicians and experts stating that the U.S. must support Afghan Security Forces to safeguard their own interests.

Mohammad Sarwar Naiazi, a military expert said,” Our Afghan forces are still not capable to secure the whole country and if the foreigner forces pull out of Afghanistan, security will get worse day by day. The U.S. will drawback step by step, but they will keep a number of their forces in Afghanistan for a long-term; therefore, it is required to train, equip and finance ANSF forces so they can tackle the treats level”.

Adding that according to the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) inked between Kabul – Washington the United States will have nine military basis in different parts of Afghanistan which represents the U.S. long-term existence in Afghanistan.

Reported By: Rafi Sediqi

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