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U.S. Making ‘Tremendous Strides’ in Afghanistan, Trump Says in Cabinet Meeting

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2017)

Addressing the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the U.S. President Donald Trump says they making “tremendous strides in Afghanistan”, following the Washington’s new strategy for the war-torn country.

Describing the U.S. military actions against terror groups, Trump said that ISIS is being “decimated”, and they have “quickly” moved to Africa and other places in the world. He said the U.S. is there to meet them.

“We have done more to annihilate ISIS than eight years of the previous administration. So we are doing a real job,” he said.

Commenting on Afghanistan, Trump stated: “we are Actually making tremendous strides in Afghanistan. And I think you see what’s happening.”

His remarks on Afghanistan comes months after announcing a new strategy for South Asia that calls for more pressure on the Taliban and Pakistan which is being accused of harboring terrorist groups in its soil. A charge Islamabad denies.

Separately, Pakistani Foreign Minister,  Khawaja Asif  in the National Assembly has said that the U.S. South Asia strategy was being prepared with consultation of former generals who were involved in Afghanistan for a long time.

He has noted that if the U.S. had made the strategy without influence of these generals it would have been more “effective and successful”.

However, the Afghan government expects the strategy to rise the capacity of ground & air forces as well as putting pressure on supporters of terror groups in the region.

“The support of Afghan security forces and further supplying the air force are our priority so they could response to  the threats of terrorists independently, and moreover, pressurizing their [the terrorist groups] financiers,” said the Deputy Spokesman of Chief Executive Office, Javid Faisal.

 This comes as the U.S. reportedly has shared a list of at least 20 terrorist groups with Islamabad which Washington insists use the Pakistani soil for the terrorist activities in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

By Shakib Mahmud & Fahim Noori 

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