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 U.S.-Iran Tensions on Afghanistan Deepen Crisis: Analysts  

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2018)

Analysts believe the tensions between Washington and Tehran on Afghanistan deepening crisis in the war-torn country.

Recently, the U.S. envoy in Kabul, John Bass has claimed that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps is providing logistic support to the Taliban in Afghanistan. But, Iranian envoy Bahrami has said that the U.S. should prove and submit documents and evidence to the Afghan government in regard.

Bahrami said that Washington wants to carry out its failures in the Middle East to Afghanistan.

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, called the U.S. and Iran as friends and partners of Afghanistan.

“We don’t have any document to prove that Iran is helping terrorist groups in Afghanistan,” said the ministry deputy spokesman Sebghat Ahmadi.

Analysts believe the great powers including the United States, Russia, and Iran are being engaged in the rivalry in Afghanistan and seek their own interests in the strife-torn country.

“These [countries] not allowing the Afghan government to be successful as they have the rivalry against each other and have the conflict of interest,” said Shakib Muntaziri, an expert on international relations.

This comes as Iran has been accused of Recruiting Afghans to fight in Syrian war as part of the Fatemiyoun Division which is being involved in fighting to save the government of President Bashar al-Assad; while the U.S. has been accused of supporting Islamic State militant group in Afghanistan.

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