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U.S. Gen. Nicholson Urges Russia to Not Legitimatize Taliban, Support Afghan Gov’t

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2017)

The commander of the American-led international military force in Afghanistan, General Nicholson called on Russia to not legitimatize Taliban and support the Afghan government and people.

Gen. Nicholson said, “We like to see the Russians support the government of Afghanistan and the security forces of Afghanistan and not legitimatize the Taliban and support the enemies of the government and Afghan people. We like to see all nations neighbors to support the legitimate government of Afghanistan and their fight against terrorism.”

He declared that the Taliban group may have plans to collapse the Kunduz province in the current war season but assured that the Afghan and U.S. forces will now allow them to reach their goals.

Gen. Nicholson added, “The American forces that are in Afghanistan are committed to defend the Kunduz and its people as all people in Afghanistan. As we are here today, American special forces are with Afghan commanders, helping in defense of Kunduz and taking the fight to the enemy. The leaders of the coalition are  meeting in Brussels to discuss future assistances to Afghanistan. we are committed to fight alongside Afghans in Kunduz and around the country.”

Afghan forces have taken heavy casualties over the last year as they have sought to hold off the Taliban and prevent them from capturing provincial capitals.

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